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Art Direction

Things We Like: May

May 30, 2017
When April showers don't bring May flowers.... 8 items to inspire a change. It's transition szn, y'all.

Time to make a change *david bowie voice* Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes. Turn and make face the strange.

As Bianca S proclaimed with her latest mixtape: it’s transition szn. Unintentionally this became our unofficial theme of the month at K&P. We faced new challenges: like producing a carnival in 2 weeks. We took to heart the expression “signing a new lease on life” and signed a lease on a new studio! We enlisted ourselves in the ultimate game of chance and opened an online shop. On a personal note I tired dance hall and registered for a soccer league. (Editors note: I don’t know how to play soccer). All in all, we’re full-heartedly embracing change by taking a blind leap into the abyss that is summer 2017. So far, so good.



LT Spirit sneaker by Lacoste
Maybe it was the gym class scene in Clueless that sold me on the idea of tennis… or maybe I’ve watched Diane Keaton swing a racket in Annie Hall one to many times (my fave flick!) either way, I’ve lowkey always dreamed of mastering the sport. Until I can gain 10x the upper body strength and a membership at the lakeshore rec club, I’ll be wearing these Lacoste sneakers and pretending I’m a player amongst the leisure elite. They’re the first step in the right direction… 


Instax Mini 9 by Fujifilm
Did you catch our “Creative Carnival” this month? ICYMI Kastor&Pollux threw a party full of all your fave arcade games and nu-gen carnival snacks (think ice cream and square sushi). The event was in celebration of the launch of Fujifilm’s square format camera- it’s digital and we’re all obsessed. Nonetheless, I’ve still got a soft spot of the classic Instax Mini. The 9th edition of the mini dropped this summer in 5 new colours. We snagged a green one for the K&P studio 😉 Nothing like adding new gadgets to your creative process. 


Ephemera Magazine
Heading up our publishing division, Maegan Fidelino expertly edited our 2nd issue of Ephemera Magazine- out now!! Sponsored by Fido, this issue centres around the idea of tourism. In Maegan’s words: “Though trips may span days, weeks, or months, it is inherently short-lived and ultimately comes to an end. This issue is about the importance and impact of these otherwise ephemeral experiences”. I was particularly inspired by Krizia’s essay “Je Suis Etranger” about the woes of Paris syndrome and the power in pushing our cultural thresholds.



Picasso Bulls T-Shirt by Just Visiting 
This shirt combines my two fave things: art and athletics. So naturally I’ve been wearing it almost everyday since it got it. (Thank god for ensuite laundry). Any shirt that’s equal parts parody and cultural reference justifies an outfit repeat. or three. 



Chance tote by Kastor & Pollux

Try your hand at a new accessory. If this month is all about embracing change and taking risks so this catch-all tote is perfect hint of millennial pink to have by your side. The big leap we collectively took this month was launching our K&P shop. New collections are slated for release twice a year. With this inaugural collection we appropriately celebrate luck in all its many iterations. 


Daisy Kiss Edition by Marc Jacobs

When I’m in a rut, the easiest way to get into a new mindset is to switch up my perfume. Because each unique scent has the ability to make you feel some type of way, trying out a new fragrance can help to tap into the emotions/ attitude you require for a particular situation. With lots of obstacles on the rise, I’ll be spritzing Marc Jacobs’s Daisy, Kiss edition all summer. It’s sophisticated yet playful. In translation: the scent helps me channel determination and drive without taking things too seriously.



Enlite Bra by Lululemon
So here’s where the dancehall class comes in. I first test-drove (danced?) this bra out in a movement class hosted by Lululemon. 1 hour into a choreographed Drake routine I’d stepped on a fellow dancer’s toes, twirled into another, and lost my balance at least twice. On the other hand, my boobs were still securely in place. If a sports bra can endure my accident-prone actions and still perform it gets my stamp of approval.


High-Rise Wide-Leg Shibori Jeans by The Gap (pictured in header image)
These summer dipped jeans remind me of the kind I desperately tried to replicate in middle school. Using a medium-wash pair of hand me down Buffalo Jeans, a bottle of house-hold bleach, and natural sunlight- let’s just say my little DIY project did not fair as well as this pair from The Gap. I’ll be wearing these all summer as an ode to my 13-year-old self.