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Art Direction

Things We Like: March

March 23, 2017
March was a month for renewal and fresh starts. Here's a green La Muralla Roja-inspired set to celebrate life, independence, and the things we like this month.

March came with the first day of spring (1), a slew of new opportunities (2), and a slew of new skills (3). This may seem like a generic statement, but the proof is in the pudding and:
1) After months of leggings and tights under all my pants, my ankles finally saw the light of day earlier this week
2) Though I turned the push notifications for Gmail off my phone, I’m still glued to my inbox which is neither shocking or healthy. (Turning notifications off was a monumental breakthrough, still)
3) Dani Rey and Ema are taking a woodworking class and apparently my ex’s roommate is in their 5-person class, which is irrelevant, but necessary to mention lol
BONUS: Drake’s new album is called “More Life”, and I totally respect that!!!

In tandem with all of this, it’s also important to discuss the fact that March signifies the bulk of PISCES SEASON which is awesome (because yay life / More Life?) but naturally, triggers a lot of personal reflection.

In astrology, Pisces falls at the very end of the chart – meaning late-February/early-March babies are notoriously weighed down by the heaviness the signs that precede them. By nature, Pisces’ are extremely intuitive and have the capacity to really connect with others on a deep and emotional level, and historically, I – as a token Scorpio – have found myself drawn to Pisces as friends and confidants.
One of the things I’ve learnt about myself over the years is the fact that I really seek out affection: and a Pisces’ welcoming energy is magnetic for me. However, I see longterm patterns in many of my friendships. While I am fiercely independent in my work, I am emotionally needy. I desire the security and support of others to feel at peace with myself, and this reliance has hindered my personal development and my ability to find happiness remote from the friends I use as crutches. I am tired of seeking validation through quality time, so I’ve been actively working to change my perspective so I can alleviate the pressure I place on my friends and soften the inevitable disappointment that comes with relying on other people to make me happy.
In short, this Pisces season, I decided to celebrate the births of the ones I like most, but also TREAT MYSELF RIGHT instead of relying them to do it for me.
We seem to talk about this a lot on the K&P platform, but I truly believe that there’s never a bad time to start anew. To signify this new life perspective, a couple of weeks ago I made the difficult decision to tie up some lose ends that I believe have acted as a barrier for enlightenment. I am a strong woman that promotes female empowerment and fearlessness: but oftentimes, I find it so hard to take my own advice. I desire the opportunity to seize the day, seize my life, and shed some silent tears to Drake.

Green, the colour of life, renewal, and energy, represents growth, harmony, freshness, and safety, and is the perfect hue to showcase this month’s favourites.

Beyond being a comforting place to rest my head as I cry to Drake, these pillows fit seamlessly into Kastor & Pollux’s studio decor. In fact, their motifs have long manifested in 3D form. Head of David? Check. Body-less floating hands? Check.



Dani Rey: It’s decided, these are my new summer pants. You know what they say about aspirational dressing, right? Dress for the life you WANT not the life you have. In relation to this look, I guess you could say I want to be Bianca Jagger at Studio 54 in the 1970s. I’ll take it.


Dani Rey: An extension of my affinity for “sporty” aesthetics, these slip on sneaks from Gravity Pope are comfy yet cute. Besides, any shoes that don’t require the effort of laces or buckles (even velcro is a stretch) get points in my books.


Ema: You know when you buy something and it feels like it becomes apart of you? Another appendage, perhaps? I left my phone case at the studio for these photos and when my friends saw me without my case they voiced with concern. “Where is your hand!?” All I could do was laugh nervously.
It was on a trip to Paris when I discovered this hand by local designer CouCou Suzette. I love anything quirky and cheeky and all of CouCou Suzette’s designs are just that.

Dani Rey: This book appeals to the constant pursuit for self-discovery. Truth be told, I first picked it up because of the cute cover. But it was the characters’ quest for enlightenment by way of a motorcycle pilgrimage across the north west United States that got me hooked. Typically I’m not one for philosophical odysseys, but Pirsig’s ability illustrate his inquiry into values with a relatable plot offered just the right dose of story and reality.


One more thing on my bucket of self-care necessities: My Saje diffuser. To foster wellness on your mind, body, and spirit, it’s so important to create a calming work (or live) environment. The first day of spring was a couple of days ago, and I know my allergies are about to kick into high gear. The “Seasonal Shift Kit” will ease the transition for the entire studio, and continue to keep us calm/cool/collected – even in the midst of upcoming projects.

Dani Rey: Aside from some foundation and a swipe of mascara, these two products make up my everyday beauty look. Often when I’m wearing the mineralize skinfinish, I get comments like “You have such a natural glow” or “You look so healthy!” Well let me let you in on a little secret…it’s all an illusion 😉



YNOT, a Toronto-based company, just launched this made-in-Canada / fully-customizable wallet. I’m always happy to support local but I’m not boosting when I say that this wallet is incredible. Featuring up to 32 card slots (WTF!!!) I will never be without my roster of Tim Hortons cards and Soho House membership ever again. If that isn’t self-care, I don’t know what is.


For the longest time, I stayed away from Glossier because I was scared of buying into the hype. Lol, my bad.
The product, while not necessarily eponymous, really does give the illusion of a perfectly-kept/disheveled brows – which I think is my new calm/collected look.