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Director / EIC
Dani is a multi-disciplinary designer living in coffee shops and asking you to endorse her on LinkedIn.
Community Manager
Bianca is a yung creator with a passion for monochrome, minimalism, and the finer things in life, like crisp, white sneakers.
Senior Creative Producer
Ema is figuring it out.
Art Direction
Dani Reynolds
Dani is a set stylist and prop designer specializing in snack food styling, and eating.
Public Relations & Special Projects
Vanessa Cesario
Vanessa is a PR ninja and experienced aesthetizer.
Alan Li
Alan is the first boy.
Andrea Pace
Andrea is a semi-professional doodler with a juicing problem (cold-pressed, not performance enhancing).
Bianca Venerayan
Bianca is an archetypal Pisces. She feels feelings and writes about them.
Monica Moraru
Monica is a yung artist gyal.
Olivia Genovese
Olivia is a filmmaker and photographer who loves Super 8 film, going to the movies, and retrofuturism.
Victoria Pandeirada
Victoria is a lover of dumplings and that old book smell. She known for dancing poorly with a lot of confidence.
Zet Gold
Zet is an artist and storyteller based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her favourite animals are circus animal crackers.