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Art Direction

Call for submissions!

January 15, 2017
Kastor & Pollux is looking for your work to fill the pages of Ephemera Magazine’s second issue!

Photos by Dani Reynolds


Ephemera is a collection of short fiction, essays, interviews, photos, and artwork published biannually under Kastor & Pollux, curated and edited by Maegan Fidelino. It is a publication that aims to explore multiple perspectives from a variety of thinkers and image makers, taking form in a print magazine.
After the successful launch of our inaugural issue in October, we’re getting started on issue two! While our first issue focused on the ephemeral nature of Pop Music, this time around we’re switching gears and exploring landmarks, destinations, and souvenirs in relation to tourism.

Though a trip may span days, weeks, or months, it is inherently short-lived and ultimately comes to an end. This issue is about the meaning given to these otherwise ephemeral experiences. By definition, tourism is the commercial organization and operation of vacations and visits to places of interest; it is travel for pleasure. Yet, this issue is not about travelling the world, but rather the assigned and/or superficial meaning people give to landmarks, destinations, or items associated with tourism.


Once again, we’re looking to include your work! We are looking for thought-provoking and/or clever work that offers a unique perspective on foreign places, landmarks, or tourism-related items.


This work can be in the form of:
Creative writing
Short Fiction
Here are some thoughts on the theme to spark ideas:
– Attractions such as Disney amusement parks, and their associated nostalgia
– Celebrity home tours
– Tinder tourism
– Are vacations and tourism a luxury reserved for the privileged?
– Tourism attire
– Tourism in your own city
– Airports
– Romanticism of train travel and/or road trips


Please send a pitch with your ideas prior to completion of writing/art/photography so we can ensure it fits the theme. Email publishing@kastorandpollux.com by January 27th with your ideas or for more information!