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ACLU x K&P Tote Bags

February 28, 2017
Productively channeling our fired-up emotions, in style.

As women we are heated that we still have to fight for our basic rights in this so-called progressed era. Unfortunately, gender is only a fraction in the wide-range of discrimination that is also negatively affecting our fellow LGBTQ, refugees, immigrants and people of minority faiths.

In order to take a stand collectively against inequality, we are attempting to productively channel our anger, more precisely, into making totes bags.

Limited to a run of 100, these fiery DIY screen printed totes are perfect for multiple uses. A way to subtly showcase any inflamed emotions towards oppressors, or a constant reminder to fight against day-to-day discrimination and even educating your peers or the public using the tote as a conversation piece. Oh, and it’s a place to store all your good goods!
All proceeds of these totes go directly to the American Civil Liberties Union to protect the rights of those suffering from discrimination and xenophobia.

Contact shopkeeper@kastorandpollux.com
if you’d like to purchase your own!