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Product Styling

Cardea AuSet

July 24, 2019
Scents and gradient sunsets for the Canadian plant-based beauty and wellness brand Cardea AuSet.



Looking for any excuse to be in the sun, we took our studio outdoors in search of dappled light and botanical shadows. The light and shadow combo was perfect for shooting the *seriously addictive* candle trio from plant-based beauty and wellness brand Cardea AuSet.





The visual cues for this photo series we taken from the brand’s plant-centric products. For the backdrops we created gradient textures in photoshop modeled after cotton candy skies and the candle’s key ingredients (think Ylang-Ylang yellow, calming lavender, and soft sage green).





These three scents remind us of garden season, country picnics, and hot August nights. The styling and photography was manipulated to emulate that melty, hazy, summer feeling.





Photo and styling by Dani Reynolds