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Product Styling

Smells Like Teen Spirit

September 20, 2016
Making sense of scents, nostalgia, and Deep Euphoria.

There may be a bigger meaning to the 90s phrase, “Yo Holmes, smell ya later!” Believe it or not there’s a ton of science backing the phrase from the final verse in the Fresh Prince theme song. Of all the senses, smell is most closely linked to emotional memory. Whether Nirvana knew it or not, smelling like “teen spirit” pretty accurately represents this connection.

For instance, you’re walking down the street and a stranger passes you then all of a sudden you’re flooded with memories of past flames or your high school BFF. Did your ex wear Axe? Probably, lol. Well, the next time you stand next to a person on the subway wearing that same scent, you’ll likely be reminded of them. The nose just knows.

Photos by Dani Reynolds

This little jaunt down memory lane is all thanks to the olfactory bulb. When a smell enters your nose it is directed through the cranial nerve to the olfactory bulb, which in turn helps the brain process the smell. Due to the olfactory bulb’s close relationship to the amygdala (located in the emotional centre of the brain) the scent ignites feelings of nostalgia.

Nostalgia works in funny ways; you are triggered on a whim, or sometimes, create reminders of the memory yourself. Calvin Klein’s new fragrance, Deep Euphoria, evokes notes of cacalone, black magic rose, and sensual musk that will leave you smelling fresh (and a bit fruity) all day and night long. A spritz on the wrist, back of the neck, and maybe, on your crush’s borrowed jacket, can evoke euphoric memories of your fun date (you’re not one to be forgotten). In short, let this be a lesson to choose your perfume wisely, because chances are you’ll be remembered for that scent long after it’s gone.