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French Lessons with Le Petit Marseillais

April 24, 2017
We look to the French for small yet mindful changes that will help you access a true joie de vivre.

Based on what I’ve gathered from film, literature, and the few French expats I’ve met here and there – France seems like a country that truly lives in the present. Dissimilar to the North American mindset which is so focused on the future, the French way of living puts emphasis on savouring daily life. Think: being over doing.
Sadly I’ve yet to visit the city of lights or its surrounding area so this is merely an observational claim. However true it may be, I feel compelled to apply this (possibly) French philosophy to my everyday routine.
For starters: buying less but buying better. I’m told the French prefer quality over quantity. Artisanal goods and straight-out-the-oven bread are the way to go. Go ahead, buy that rich and creamy locally-produced cheese you’ve been eyeing! (I know I’m not the only one who does this). The only rule is that you should enjoying every bite. No guilt. And best when eaten in the company of friends. This way you live in the present by savouring and appreciating the things you consume. 


Photos by Dani Reynolds

Segwaying into my second point: make time for lunch! If this means reconsidering your work life balance to do so, then do what you’ve gotta do. Not only is lunch important for the obvious nutritional reasons, but a break from the computer helps your mind to reset and refocus. Numerous studies by numerous sources have proved that those who take a lunch break are that much more productive than those who do not.



On a typical Sunday in France, most businesses are closed. This encourages citizens to make time for the things that are truly important in life: friends, family, quality time, quality cheese … you get the gist. If you’re unable to save one day a week for your personal time, at the very least make time for an indulgent morning whenever you can. What constitutes as an indulgent morning? A slow breakfast, good coffee (or tea) and some element of self care. If like me you’re unable to jet away to le Midi for a week, Le Petit Marseillais does a pretty good job in making you feel like you’re bathing in the south of France.  



Recently Kastor & Pollux had the chance to create some photo and video content in celebration of LPM’s arrival in Canada. To my surprise, anytime I’d tell a friend who’d been to France in the past, what I was working on, they’d always reply with sheer delight. Whether they visited France on a family trip, on lived there on exchange, everyone seemed to know and love the household brand.
Before writing this post or reading up on the french savoir faire, LPM unknowingly had me adopting this french penchant for living in the present. Lavender, as you likely know, is great for relaxing and reducing stress. Without realizing, adding LPM’s lavender body wash to my morning routine made my self care process that much more enjoyable and indulgent. True, there’s no such thing as a body wash that can turn your life around, but as they french have proven (I think) it’s small yet mindful changes that lead you to a true joie de vivre. 



Video by Taylor Reynolds