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I Mixed This For You: You Up?

April 25, 2017
You up? I mixed this for your sleepless nights.

There’s something exciting about knowing everyone in your city is asleep while you’re up at 4AM because you can’t find the comfy spot on your pillow. Some nights, no matter how hard we try, we can’t sleep. And nights like these lead to the “You up?” text message. This message typically translates to 1 of 3 meanings:

1) The sender is looking for Boot-ay A.K.A. A booty text.
2) The sender is in need of a friend/ friendly advice.
3) The sender can’t sleep and they want to talk to you.

Photos by Bianca Scarlato
Design by Sabrina Scott and Dani Roche

I’ll admit that I’ve sent my fair share of late night question marks. Some lead to success stories, some we regret by the morning – but whether you’re waiting for the three dots or thinking about sending yours, I mixed this for you.

You Up? from kastorandpollux on 8tracks Radio.