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music + film

Sippin Rainbows

March 14, 2016
Bianca and Olivia team up with Toronto artist, Tea Kittagucci to create a music video that makes you feel things.

Tea Kittagucci, self-proclaimed 6 goddess, dropped her debut mixtape Dangerous Drinking Games alongside her single “Sippin Rainbows” Drawing inspiration from Tea’s morbid lyrical content and Japanese roots, director Olivia Genovese added layers of creepiness to her otherwise hyper-feminine aesthetic, creating a music video that makes you feel upbeat and uneasy at the same time.



Director/Editor: Olivia Genovese
Creative Producer: Bianca Venerayan
Producer: David Forteau
Production Assistants: Monica Moraru & Krizia Victoria


Songwriter: Tea Kittagucci
Music Production: Lahghost
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered: Sunny Diamonds

Watch the video here: