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health + well-being

How to: Feel Better

March 14, 2016
A commentary on technology and practices of self-care feat. some sad girls (don't worry, they feel better later).

As you get older, self-care becomes one of the most important things in your life. When you make time for yourself and feel in-tuned with your emotions, you become the best form of you. The most important thing about self-care is to be unapologetic for things you cannot control. Never apologize for crying (although it is hard sometimes). Don’t be afraid to feel feelings. Your feelings are ALWAYS valid.

Photography by Monica Moraru


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I developed the concept based on how I dealt with my emotions and how technology plays such a large part in the way we feel and interact. We use social media as an emotional outlet but for the most part, it can be overwhelming. There are times where we need to disconnect from the *matrix* and reconnect with ourselves. Trust me, it’s good for you!


Art Direction and Photography: Monica Moraru
Production: Maegan Fidelino
Models: Jackie Ashton, Hilary Riem, and Mayda Karabogdan


Watch the video: