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Tinder Bingo

March 14, 2016
Looking to have more fun on your favourite love-to-hate dating app? Introducing Tinder Bingo!

I have never experienced more of a love-hate relationship than I do with Tinder. If Tinder was my boyfriend, we’d be that eternally on again, off again couple. My friends would listen to me bitch and moan about all the trouble and heartache my man, Tinder, causes me. I’d break up with him (aka DELETE Tinder) and my nearest and dearest would coo, “You deserve better” or “You can do so much better than him”. Unsurprisingly, within a couple days, weeks, or months, I’d be back on that horse and reinstall Tinder. Obviously friends grow tired of this endless cycle, but deep down they’ll commiserate because even the best of us fall prey to the perpetual Tinder itch (metaphorically speaking, no prescription needed).


Nothing ever seems to change with Tinder. The install, delete, install, delete pattern is incessant. The “I’m not looking for anything serious” line continues to haunt our dreams. Not to mention the selection, well, the selection remains fairly consistent as well. When you’ve been swiping for as long as I have (no comment) you begin to notice how consistent men’s photos and behaviours are across the board. It may be a different dude, but it’s still the same ol’ shit — a 3 foot bass he caught, that tiger he ‘casually’ chilled with, and the grandmothers – oh the sweet grandmothers that have graced us on our Tinder journey (seriously, leave them out of it!). This is why I have created for you, my fellow Tinderellas, a Tinder Bingo Card! Anytime you find yourself Tindering and you encounter one of the amusing scenarios found on the Bingo card, mark it off (and have a drink while you’re at it!). Classic rules apply “5 in a row” and you win. Perhaps you’ll win your prince charming or just a good laugh, either way, have fun with it.