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WOW: From the Fingers of Kanye West

March 22, 2016
Over the last few months, Kanye has taken to Twitter to document the process of creating his album, The Life of Pablo, and hasn't looked back.

Kanye’s Twitter is an enigma. Although some of Kanye’s tweets are problematic (a lot of them actually), his Twitter is intriguing. The thing I love about Twitter in general is that it gives you a voice on the Internet – a platform to say whatever’s on your mind – whether it be changing your album name for the third time and making it official with a tweet, sharing your personal love and appreciation for Will Ferrell, or asking Mark Zuckerberg to invest 1 billion dollars in you. Kanye’s Twitter is emotional, rude, and completely unfiltered. He takes us through his thought process, giving us insight into the shell of a man we see in the media.


I dug into my collection of screenshots of Kanye tweets, and here are my faves:



Illustrations by Bianca Scarlato

1:49 PM – 24 Feb 2016
🔁: 250K Favourites: 190K


2:14 PM – 13 Mar 2016
🔁: 46K Favourites: 62K


12:44 AM – 10 Jan 2016
🔁: 80K Favourites: 140K

kanye1nocolour copy

9:01 PM – 22 Sep 2015
🔁: 390K Favourites: 280K


12:43 AM – 15 Feb 2016
🔁: 27K Favourites: 49K

Do you love Kanye as much as Kanye loves Kanye?