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Lessons of Self-Love As Told By Rihanna’s Anti

March 14, 2016
What Rihanna's album, Anti, taught me about self-love and trusting yourself!

I can’t remember the last time I was excited about an album before I heard Rihanna’s latest record, Anti. Music blogs have torn up this album deeming it a disappointment due to its lack of dance pop hits on the radio waves. However, I don’t know a single person who I haven’t talked about the album with who wasn’t completely obsessed with it. Rihanna kills it with her dreamy voice, filling the album with slower, more soulful, and powerful tracks. This album is not only the unofficial anthem for sad girls everywhere, but it was also incredibly self-empowering for me. She is unapologetic on every track, leaving important sentiments about self-love, confidence, and emotions on each one of the magical songs that compose Anti.


Illustrations by Victoria Pandeirada

“Consideration”: Mistakes are important

Not important in the -“HOW COULD YOU FORGET IT WAS GARBAGE DAY, YOU ARE A GARBAGE PERSON!”- sense but in the way that acknowledging mistakes is necessary for evolving as a person. Our personalities and beliefs are constantly changing. It is important to recognize that and not beat yourself up over a mistake you made. As well, she highlights the importance of not seeking approval from others and making (your own) authentic decisions. Rihanna preaches on this track, “Why you ain’t ever let me grow?”. She points out that to gain respect from some people is impossible, not because of how shitty you are (obviously not because you’re amazing), but because of other’s negativity and impossibly high standards. Don’t do things for others, do them for you.


“You Needed Me”: Rely on Yourself

Rihanna is pissed in this one! She doesn’t need you but you needed her. This track really does promote that the only person you can count on is yourself. You don’t need a prince charming, you’re not easily wooed by things. Now look into the mirror and say, “I am Rihanna!”.


“Same Ole Mistakes”: Internal Conflict is NORMAL

Nobody’s perfect and it is completely normal to question every decision you make, albeit minor or major. The first verse of this song resonates with me the most because it deals with the self-inflicted voice that we deal with on a daily basis. As a reminder: Don’t be afraid to acknowledge that voice that fights for what you want versus what you should (or think) you want. This song serves as a little reminder to stop and listen to the voice then move on. 


“Sex With Me”: Owning your Assets

Rihanna is super confident about her sexuality and you should be too! Modesty is something forced too often on women and this song is so damn refreshing, mainly because it’s not even a humblebrag, it’s just a full blown brag.  This song is so good at bragging I suggest you apply it to all of your other incredible attributes too! For example, how good you are at coding, finding a link for that movie that just came out (hehe we won’t tell) or making that 18-ingredient salad. Stay up off my Instagram, no temptations because there are figs, greek yogurt, AND pecans (lol get it?)!


Now go on and work work work work work work!