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Pretzel Pun

April 25, 2016
Life is like a pretzel, it can bend you in weird ways and turn you extra salty. This is especially true when I have projects to finish and deadlines to meet.

Fact is, there are things that you have control of and there are things you don’t. For example, stress, the little weasel, will always find a way to sneak up on you. Before you know it, uncontrollable matters will bend you in weird ways, enough to shape-shift you into a pretzel and just like pretzels, situations can and will turn you salty (pun intended, but I am so serious). For the most part, I’m pretty good about keeping my cool, but when it comes to crunch time with deadlines and projects, get your popcorn ready because all hell is breaking loose.

I am going theatrical and I mean drama.

It’s weird but I crave the pressure and stress that comes from procrastination (pushing yourself is always good, right?) but little silly me always wants to dip my toes in the water swarming with piranhas. I say to myself, “why not, I want to show off my new pedicure,” without thinking about the repercussions (like getting my toes bitten off). Often, this means that when I’m stressed, I make sure that EVERYONE around me suffers (woops).

Pretzel Pun

Illustration by Zet Gold


I oscillate between being grateful for those who listen to me vent to pointing my finger, accusing those same very people for being insensitive and not being able to understand (I know it’s a bad habit). Don’t judge me! Everyone reacts to stressful situations differently! Ultimately, I know everything will turn out; I will meet the deadlines, and the world will live happily ever after (sorta).Though a little salt can add a good bite, too much sodium will not only kill your kidneys, but will kill your soul (and the sanity of those around you). So before you let the little things eat you up – just chill out, breathe, and hair flip.


Zet Gold is an artist and storyteller based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her favourite animals are circus animal crackers. Follow her on Instagram to see her work!