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art + design

Clothing as Art Objects

November 14, 2016
As an artist who’s work primarily focuses on painting, I've recently added sewing into my creative practice.

Photos by Justin Yong

As the daughter of a commercial photographer and a fashion stylist, I watched the world of fashion develop since I was young. Self-taught through watching my mother sew as a child, my work expresses the negation of a consumer culture. Through aesthetics and discovery, I create clothing from re-purposed material, without any prior thought of what the outcome of the garment might be. Ultimately, the clothes are made within the same discourse as abstract painting.
Clothes exist for selling, wearing, and discarding. In contrast, my clothes aren’t made for that purpose; they have no price. They are made to fit my body, and are not worn daily. They will never be purchased. This “not for sale” technique is a new art form existing only to the viewer as a vague photograph. They appear to be a “fashion editorial” or “selfie art” leaving the viewer to further guess their existence and purpose.

As a stylist, I work in the most wasteful industry.

This has made me want to live a post apocalyptic lifestyle — reusing old fabrics and clothing to hoard and make mass amounts of momentary items until the time is needed to have these skill sets. These pieces aren’t about making money or who is seen wearing them, but rather, they are about aesthetics, isolated and captured through a photograph.
Shot by my friend, Justin Yong. Photography is primarily shot in digital form, ready for mass replication. Instead of mass-producing and selling, this project is about the appreciation of the outcome — not the process or the quality of the product.


Basia Wyszynski is a 25 year old artist and fashion stylist living and working in Toronto, Canada. She likes dogs best but will mildly tolerate cats if that’s the only option available. You can see her work here and follow her on Instagram!