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Grain Matter: Sustainable Farming

May 18, 2018
Good in Every Grain shared some of the things Ontario Farmers are doing to help save the environment! Get ~MOTIVATED~.

Farm and Food sustainability is an important step for fresh future. Sustainable farming is a creative endeavour and coming up with innovative ways to improve energy efficiency, reduce pollution, and make soil (and humans) healthier is IMPORTANT. We hope these posters motivate you to learn more about sustainable farming!


Agricultural biodiversity is an effective way for grain farmers to manage the health of the fields by rotating the grains planted each year, on each field. Different types of plants require different nutrients from the soil so changing the crops routinely allows the land to remain fertile, and different grains can also be impacted by different diseases and pests. Crop rotation keeps these pests levels down.



Soil health is crucial in maintaining a vivacious farm. Planting cover crops enriches the soil and shields the top soil against harmful weather conditions! Grain farmers are also working to reduce tillage which allows crops to naturally break down in the soil, and apply fertilizers to give their grains the necessary nutrients!


Grain farmers are working hard to reduce water, air, and climate pollution. New agriculture technology used on grain farms such as GPS guidance and Autosteer technologies help to eliminate overlap when planting, spraying, and harvesting. Mitigating water runoff also saves millions of gallons of water over the course of a growing season.


To know more about what our Ontario Farmers are up to, check out Good in Every Grain and our previous posts.