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Palm Poetry

May 5, 2016
I've been going to Florida every year since birth. Luckily, my Mom has a home there (classic) and I find so much comfort and relaxation on my visits there. But what I love most of all about Florida are the palm trees.

Let me just put it out there that I have not one, but two large palm trees in my house. There is no scientific evidence supporting this, but I swear they are mood lifters. Palm trees are the symbol of sun and fun, and I’m a huge fan of both. When you look at them you think – aaaah, vacation. I believe in paradise, everywhere. Unfortunately, I live in a chilly climate the majority of the year and I don’t want to only experience paradise when I’m on vacation. I want to experience it everyday.
Palm trees are my paradise and to celebrate them I’ve written some palm poetry – enjoy!


Images by Ema Walters

squeezing out the juice
like sunshine in a glass, right
fresh orange wakes you

splashing the water
rippling around your fingers
sunbeams are dancin’



throwing a ~kind~ shade
the shadows of the leaves cover
shield you from them UV rays

jewel of the plant world
cross-hatch bark, diamonds really
I love you, a lot


sun rising over
stucco houses, I’m stuck on you
starting to squint, wrinkled eyes

skin of a raisin
sucked then wrinkled by the sun
the look of leather


Ain’t nothing prettier than a palm !