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Re-Living My Childhood

April 14, 2016
I recently acquired a backpack that reminded me of my childhood. Do you remember Fantasia? Do you remember that scene with the ghost broom?

Herschel Supply Company teamed up with Disney for a limited edition collection of products featuring the beloved Mickey Mouse. If you’ve never heard of Herschel before, you’ve most definitely seen their backpacks around. The Vancouver based company founded by brothers, Jamie and Lyndon Cormack, create stylish, well-constructed, and comfortable backpacks and accessories.

Photos by Noah Zimbel

The Herschel Quartz Backpack takes me back to my childhood. If you are a human being with a heart and soul, then at some point in your life you have had an affinity for the magical world of Disney animation. Do you remember Fantasia? The Mickey Mouse print reminds me of that one scene in the movie where Mickey is having a plumbing problem and the crazy ghost broom stick help stop his magical underground lair from filling up with water. That was always my favorite scene and I probably watched it about 7 billion times. The bag is a #tbt to simpler times, and I feel like a little boy again.


Noah Zimbel is a producer based in Toronto and Portland. You can check out his Instagram and his SoundCloud for more work!