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An Homage to My Sweatsuits

June 3, 2016
For me, there's nothing like comfort clothing to get you through the chaos of life, which is why I own enough sweatsuits to wear on rotation for... ever.

My sweatsuit collection has gotten me through many a hard day. I can’t thank my hoodies and sweatpants enough for having my back when times were rough. Alongside photos by Sophia Baboolal, I’m paying tribute to my loungewear with haiku poems straight from the heart.

bianca Photos by Sophia Baboolal
Dark Grey Velour from 10 Deep


Stole this from my dude
It’s so soft, who could resist?
Sorry, John Erick


Light Grey from Uniqlo


Walk up to the club
Whaddup this my fave sweatsuit
I’m comfy and drunk


Dusty Rose from Skinny Sweats


Darling dusty rose
Made with love here in the 6
Slow fashion is lit


Toasted Almond from Barebones by GFC


Toasted almond, fam
If you’re wondering the hue
No, it’s not Yeezy


*I apologize deeply for the sweatsuits that didn’t make the cut. I love you all equally, but we ran out of time at the shoot lol*