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Moody Beaut

April 7, 2016
Like a mood ring, my skin has always been sensitive and connected to my emotions. Trust me, any situation that is *moderately* stressful will result in my feels manifesting itself on my face (ugh).

I may not remember a damn thing from calculus or the proper psychological theory to describe my personality type, but I do have a high emotional intelligence. In the words of  Leslie Feist, “I feel it all! I feel it all!” The good, the bad, and most definitely, the ugly.

All the feels. Felt. All the time.

There’s no running away or hiding under my comfy duvet to avoid these emotions and their resulting mood (well, not all the time at least); they’re just part of my day-to-day.  The feels may sneak into my texts and onto my Instagram but sometimes, sometimes they manifest into pimples on my face. Not cool, feels!




Photos and Type by Andrea Pace

Like a mood ring, my skin has always been extremely sensitive and connected to my emotions. Change in the season? Health scare? Stressful workload? Mercury in retrograde? You name it, and it will probably affect my skin. If I’m in a horrible and stressed out mood, these feelings are likely to make a not-so-cute appearance on my face and vice versa;  if I wake up one day with the beginnings of a zit on my chin, y’all just know I’m going to be in an angsty mood as a result. What can be done to end this moody beaut cycle?! Vichy has the answer, my friends, and it’s mood ring colour-coordinated (#TBT)!


Feeling Stressed?


Stress is just a reality of being awake and out of bed – making things happen, taking names, and kicking ass, so to speak. Stress and worry (the things that keep you up at night) are probably the factors that cause my skin to turn against me. Being stressed causes your body to release more hormones (oh joy), specifically cortisol. Cortisol has one of the most annoying jobs in the world because it tells your sebaceous glands to produce more oil. If skincare commercials (and life) have taught us anything, it’s that oily skin is more prone to zits. Not good, amiright?! First step of defense? Vichy’s Deep Purifying Cleansing Gel. It’s super soothing for that uppity, sensitive skin and doesn’t irritate, leaving you feeling like your skin can breathe! *collective sigh of release*



Chill Out.

Overcoming stress (both mind and body) doesn’t always have to be cumbersome. Try some deep breathing, take a break, or do a lil’ yoga. These acts should all knock your stress levels down a notch or two. If a pimple is stressing you out and on the verge of ruining your day, don’t worry! It’s time to break out some extra protection with Vichy’s Pore-Tightening Lotion. Not only will this toner work to cleanse any trouble areas, but it will also calm any irritation and put your mind at ease (phew)!



Be Happy!

Now that, you’ve gained the upper-hand on your stress (and the resulting blemish), it’s time to feel ~happy! If you want to eliminate any lingering signs of that unwanted pimple, your third and final step of protection and prevention, will become your new partner in crime – Vichy’s Hydrating Acne Care. This stuff will unclog pores, reduce any redness, and best of all, get rid of those pesky zits. Yay!

Now that your skin doesn’t have to determine your mood, you can just wear a mood ring to be 90’s ironic!