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Be Back in Five

December 22, 2016
Taking a break to be with you.

There is this idea that being busy means being successful; it’s a bragging right to be over-worked. I admit, I do spend the majority of my time working towards something. My job is important to me, and luckily, my work is what I’m interested in. I am guilty of putting work before others, of staying up too late and missing birthdays. Sometimes I feel bad about it, sometimes I don’t. I know that relationships are important — vital — and I truly value the ones that I have. However, I also have a personality that allows me to enjoy being withdrawn. I prefer to miss the party in favour of finishing a project. But I find myself being too caught up in getting somewhere, rather than just enjoying the moment. There are times when that disconnect hits me, and I know I need a break.
Paris had never been on my bucket-list of places to visit. The fact that it’s drilled into us as somewhere you have to go made me less interested. That was until I met Ana — my Parisian soul sister. I met Ana when she was visiting Toronto on a year visa. More precisely she was living in my room.
Through a series of mishaps and Craiglists, we stumbled into each other’s lives. Long distance relationships of any kind are hard, and this is by far the most I’ve invested in maintaining any relationship before. Texting, emailing, and Skyping is a lot of work when life is busy and your clocks are six hours apart. In September, a year after she moved back to Paris, I along with a few of my friends, all took a break and went to visit her (Yes I was there the same time as Kim K).
I spent the first week on Ana’s pullout, and the last week living with my friends in an very (fitting) colourful Airbnb. This was the most quality time I had spent with them in months — and one of them I actually live with lol. With camcorder in one hand and a baguette in the other, I spent the next 2 weeks walking the city and just chilling with my friends, taking it all in.





I don’t think I need to convince anyone it’s a good idea to take a trip with your friends. It’s refreshing to just be, together, not thinking about what to do next. Our time wasn’t rushed or slotted in. It’s important to take the time for others and in turn, for yourself. From hours of footage from day-to-day shooting I condensed it all into 5 minutes that we can watch whenever we need a break.

Be Back in Five.