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Charm Your Crush with Happn

September 1, 2016
Have you heard of Happn? Unlike every other dating app where matches are created online, Happn presents you with potential connections based off of people you've physically encountered throughout the day.

Picture this: You’re sitting at the airport, waiting tirelessly to board your flight, when you happen to notice an attractive person in front of you. After exchanging lingering glances, you depart; acknowledging the fact that you will probably never see them again. May sound harsh, but the fact is, there are 7.4 billion fish in the sea; 36,048,521 in Canada, and 14,245,619 that are eligible. Maybe you like options, maybe you don’t, but in my opinion, anything that decreases the size of the pond is okay by me.
Every day, we pass by new faces and go to new places – often completely uninhibited by our surroundings. However, as technology continues to advance, the world seemingly gets smaller by the second, and our networks become increasingly intertwined.

 Photos by Ema Walters
I’ve always been obsessed with the idea of the “meet cute”. If you’ve never heard of it before, the “meet cute” is a TV/film trope where the characters meet their potential love interest in a memorable or adorable way, whether it be in setting, situation, or conversation.
When I was younger, I’d envision myself in the bookstore (perusing intelligent books), when I would make eye contact with an attractive person. We would have a *moment* but it would be fleeting…not intense enough to stop me in my tracks, but meaningful enough for me to archive in an internalized folder of “cute people I probably won’t ever see again.”

Perhaps chapter two of this ‘meet cute’ would be a run-in at the grocery store. Maybe we would reach for the same package of Kraft Dinner on the shelf and exchange wistful glances??? Only to reconnect later on in life and have KD cater our wedding???
While these hypothetical “meet cute” situations may seem farfetched, the reality is, we’re making connections with strangers every day – they just don’t always manifest in a happily ever after. As much as our generation has accepted technological advancements, there is still a huge adversity to meeting people online. But Happn flips this notion on it’s side, because it’s not traditional dating app. It’s capitalizing the idea of bringing the “meet cute” into fruition, and giving you a second/third/fourth chance to connect outside the grocery store.
Happn works like this:
1. Live your life
2. Check the Happn app and see if you crossed paths with any cuties and see where you intersected (maybe you’ve seen them multiple times and you didn’t notice them until now!)
3. If you find some you’re crushing on, click the heart button or work your ~charm~ to send them a notification
4. If the crush is mutual, then you can talk and maybe live your lives together 😉

Not all of us get a second chance, but we can avoid missing out on the what-ifs and unrequited feelings. Happn gives us a chance to charm our crushes (and potential life partners), but leaves us feeling empowered that we took a risk and put ourselves out there. Any app that gives you an opportunity to better yourself AND talk to a cute person is ideal, isn’t it?

Make it Happn and download the app today! Where will you meet your crush?