About Kastor & Pollux

Kastor & Pollux is a full-service creative collective based in Toronto, Canada that combines the capabilities of a design and communications agency with the reach of online influencers. Originating as a handmade womenswear brand and personal fashion blog by its founders Dani Roche and Bianca Venerayan, Kastor & Pollux has gained recognition across the globe.

With experience as brand ambassadors and creative contributors, Dani and Bianca are known for their artful personal styles and unique voice. They have worked as integral members of prominent Canadian platforms (including MTV FORA, BlogTO, Huffington Post Canada, and The Creator Class), contributing content, reporting, managing and producing; in addition to representing brands like C/MEO Collective, Topshop, and Forever 21. They have also been photographed by The Cut, Harper’s Bazaar, and beyond; published by the likes of Marie Claire, Nylon Japan, and Toronto Life; and featured on websites such as Refinery 29, and Lucky Magazine. Dani and Bianca’s experience as influencers and contributors has informed the shift in their work, breeding them to apply their editorial skills and visual arts backgrounds to a diverse set of creative avenues.

Further to creative service capabilities, the Kastor & Pollux brand encompasses a full roster of social media channels, a YouTube channel, a blog, and e-commerce shop: platforms established through personality, but rooted in a strong visual and tonal aesthetic.


Led by Dani Roche and Bianca Venerayan, the #KPSQUAD is a team of visual strategists: makers, thinkers and doers whose creative and strategic abilities span the digital landscape (and beyond).

Keen to be involved in every step of a project - from the ideation to the development to the execution – Kastor & Pollux’s team of producers, art directors, photographers, videographers, graphic designers, editors, writers, marketers and PR specialists can work to bring even the simplest of ideas into fruition: providing clients with a variety of services as well as unlimited high fives (URL or IRL) and/or haikus.

With clients such as Mogo, Topshop, Maybelline and Felix Cartal, the scope of the #KPSQUAD’s work is endless; creative direction, branding, concept development, photography (studio and location), videography (shooting and editing), graphic design, styling, set design and prop styling, editorial, illustration, creative consulting, social media management, community building, and event planning and producing are just some of their capabilities.

Having all grown up in the digital age, the #KPSQUAD can lend their fresh perspectives, out-of-the-box insights, and a little bit (jk, a lot) of swag to every project they embark on.

Dani Roche

Executive Director & Producer/Graphic Designer

Co-founder, creative director and everything else at Kastor & Pollux. Enjoys being intense.

Bianca Venerayan

Executive Director & Producer/Womenswear Designer

Co-founder, creative director and clothing designer at Kastor & Pollux, but mostly just a young buck doing hoodrat stuff with her friends.

Olivia Genovese

Videographer/Creative Producer

A filmmaker living in Toronto. Inspired by everything and also dolphins.

Krizia Victoria

Videographer/Creative Producer

A videographer and video editor living in Toronto. Enjoys dancing and eating junk food, simultaneously.

Vanessa Cesario


A 23-year-old blogger/media gal from Toronto. Passionate about burritos, hip-hop, and monochromatic-ness.

Monica Moraru

Photographer/Visual Artist

Not a girl, not yet a woman.

Bianca Scarlato


A creator and media production student with a strong appreciation for monochrome, poutine, and your dog.

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