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#GetCurious at WayHome 2016

August 1, 2016
What happens when you #GetCurious? Well, we paired up with Fido to flex our painting skills with a mural, dance to BADBADNOTGOOD, and slather on sunscreen at WayHome 2016!

Curiosity pushes us to better ourselves, to ask questions, and to say yes to everything (within reason of course), all in order to have new ~life changing~ experiences. A music festival is a perfect place to explore your curiosity, bond with your friends, and just let your hair down. So, we did just that! The Kastor and Pollux crew headed to WayHome Music & Arts festival with the help of Fido to enjoy a curated weekend of music, art, and food. This unique four-day festival manages to marry diverse genres and artists to celebrate individuality, and create a seamless sense of community (seriously, it was like a little town)!


Photos by Jacqueline Ashton

Our experience began at the Oro-Medonte camp grounds in Barrie at 9 PM on Thursday night. We set up our tent — equivalent in size to a small spaceship — in the pitch black night, with a lot of determination and without the use of instructions, photos, or even, Google (impossible amiright?). Just a couple of grown ass ladies setting up a tent in the middle ages.


Photos by Dani Roche

Too excited to sleep and awoken by eager campers playing Beirut, we got ready to head over to the Fido Doghouse to #GetCurious. Our team eagerly charged our phones courtesy of the Fido installation — which appeared to be born out of Fuerza Bruta and the Blue Man Group — with a hall filled with windpipes and chimes for guests to create a soundtrack to their WayHome experience.

Fido provided all the necessary ingredients for our team and curious WayHomers alike to get messy with some paint and create whatever we wanted.

With a blank yellow wall all to ourselves, we started working on our mural. Dani Roche designed a typographic masterpiece, inspired by the tactility of using your hands to create something. The letters on the mural, which spelled #GetCurious, were manipulated analogue and then made back digital, sort of like our journey from being out in the wild and then back to contemporary life (lol dramatic). We brought her design to life in two hours — not without taking a dozen Instax film and sweating profusely in the process.


We saw people head over to the Fido’s installation to pose with our mural and get inspired to create their own art. Whether guests professed their puppy love in paint or quoted Bart Simpson, the wall was a clear portrait of the festival’s awesome sense of community.


After all our hard work, we let our curiosity lead us to try new dishes from the many food trucks and listen to artists we hadn’t heard before. I grabbed an amazing fried Vietnamese chicken sandwich, and watched BADBADNOTGOOD as they sent our hearts to jazz heaven while the sun set. On Saturday night, we saw an incredible set by Arcade Fire that was well-equipped with fireworks, confetti, and the best costumes ever. To top it off, we watched FKA Twigs; she had us all on another planet while we *low key* hoped to bump into Robert Pattinson.


Amongst all of the chaos that is a music festival — from finding out who’s playing next, where your friends went, and looking for a charger — I realized I had seen about a dozen artists I had never heard of before, ate meals I didn’t know existed, and met people I never thought I would. In a span of three days, we cultivated the most magical things in the world — our curiosity and friendship!


Watch the video: